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SINCE 1999  


Hyperchip Desk

Printer Counter


Office Furniture

Over 300 desks
Numerous Conference Tables
Printer Cabinets
Separators and more.

This was the contract which really helped Practifab get off the ground.

All furniture was built for one high tek company developing a new faster core router for the telecommunication industry. They were looking for a supplier of custom made steel furniture made with a unique minimalist style to conform to their FengSui designed office space. We started by working with the buyers to develop a desk with the look that they required and then spent the next few years keeping up with the buyers insane growth.

Origionally the desks were made in one solid piece and were painted in the assembly shop. After the first 70 desks or so this proved to be more work than need be and in the future the units were made in 5 seperate parts that were easily bolted together on site. The parts were then able to be sent to an industrial production paintshop who painted them with a baked enamel paint. This improved the finished product, reduced shipping costs in half and improved ease of manufacture.