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Product Spotlight

Summer 2016 Steel Bent Leg Picnic Table Kits

Beautiful Picnic Table

Product Advantages:

Kit Contents:

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Reserve yours now for 2016 summertime build!

Option 1:

Support your local community by contacting an official Practifab Build Manager for local details, including pricing and delivery scheduling.

Region Build Manager Contact Pricing
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Forge Thru Thyme 250 898 7317 Find Us
Newfoundland, Canada Rick Lichtenhauer Email $ TBD

Option 2:

Or...Reserve your kit now Online and support Practifab's Open Product Specification initiative with a 40% down payment on retail pricing. Once your kit is ready you will be responsible for final payment of remaining costs, approximately $132.60 + shipping (Total = $221 + $65 shipping) on delivery (Or pick up from closest Local Build Manager). Practifab will ensure your product is built as locally to you as possible. Due to variability in regional costs final product price of locally built may be less or more than estimate, final pricing will be confirmed before your table is built and shipped to you. If your area is not presently represented by a local Build Manager, your approximate geographic information (not your personal information) will be used to encourage recruitment of a Build Manager local to you.

(Retail $221) 40% down to Reserve Picnic Table Kit
delivery Summer-Fall 2016



Open Product Specifications.

Link to Open Product Library

What is it?Practifab supports a more open philosophy with product design, manufacture and supply of common equipment and products. This idea stems from the Open Source Software movement which has proven to be a very successful method for both development and maintenance of the code that makes computers useful. Did you know that this website, and over 75% of all other websites are being served from open source web servers. Most phones and other computerized equipment, like high tech appliances such as modern refrigerators or our cars rely on computers running open source software. More info: Wiki- Open-source_software. Wikipedia is also an Open Source collaborative project. We believe there are several benefits of applying this philosophy towards the specifications of everyday equipment and products used and required by common people.

Why? As the conventional manufacturing supply chain become more centralized and monopolized, product quality, long term value and reliability often suffers. This is most apparent with products that are not required in such large quantities to justify dedicated manufacturing facilities. Often product price rises or future profits are ensured through engineered obsolescence.

How? Open Source licensing is a means to protect, maintain and encourage positive evolution of the code, specifications and logic of products that have proven durability and good value for all. Practifab has created a simple license that endeavours to take into consideration the unique needs of product specifications for material objects such as equipment and tools commonly required to keep our industrialized civilization operational. Practifab Open Source License

Who for? Us. Our local communities. Our children and descendants. This project supports diversity of society by helping individuals and communities to evolve into more independent components of civilization as a whole. It is about supporting diversity of technology and those people who recognize the value of, and continue to practice traditional industrial practices that have proven the test of time. It is about diversity of economics by supporting smaller business and those wanting to be self employed doing something they love. This is for people who want to ease our society's collective toll on our ecology by helping ensure good product designs remain available to our communities. Most importantly this project will help those who appreciate and desire satisfying and rewarding work and to help them realize a return on investment for their time and efforts.


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Send an email with your contact information, what role you would like to be involved with, a little about yourself and why you believe that this project will be right for you. What experience you have (manufacturing, sales, marketing, product design, development, technical documentation etc.) Resume, Work History, Training

We really look forward to hearing from you and working with you!


Support Open Specifications

Donate! If your region is presently not represented by a Practifab Build Manager and you would like to show your support and encourage growth of this idea, click on the Donate button below. We will use your donation and approximate geographic information to help encourage recruitment of a local build manager near you and or to develop and add new products to our Open Product Library. Thank you for your generosity.

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