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Open Specifications:

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1. Open Picnic Table Specifications v4.2-full.pdf

Practifab Open Product Specifications:

SUMMMER 2016 Product Build: Bent Steel Leg Picnic Table

We are presently seeking participants who wish to explore a new and novel method of manufacturing and supply of quality products for your local communities. Our first open source specification product is the Bent Steel Leg Picnic Table Kit. As a Practifab "Build Manager" you will be responsible for marketing and coordinating a build using your local manufacturing capabilities. Let us know who you are and your desired region / contact information. We will direct any local customers in your direction, post your contact information on this website and provide an online purchasing method to drive your local customers to you.

Support for Build Managers

Additional support from Practifab for Build Managers to help ensure that your Practifab Product Build is successful.

Practifab Partners and Supporters

Become involved! Attribution for feedback integrated by the Product Moderators into Practifab Open Specifications Package will be listed in the package attribution page. Your input is appreciated and is rewarded with heart felt grateful thanks and a discount on future purchases.